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The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) will start off its 19th edition on July 5th, in the presence of the actor Jean Dujardin for the Swiss premiere of Quentin Dupieux’s latest film DEERSKIN (scheduled for general release on July 10th). A prominent figure of French auteur cinema (RUBBER, WRONG, KEEP AN EYE OUT) and electronic music — under the name MR. OIZO —, Quentin Dupieux is an unpredictable man. His unique personality allows him to create inimitably insane films filled with absurdist and surrealistic ideas.

Quentin Dupieux is a one-of-a-kind filmmaker whose style is instantly recognizable. This jack of all trades likes to make fantastic cinema’s tropes his own before subtly turning them on their heads. Every one of his projects is a laboratory for experiments with narrative and visual tropes in the genre, to which he adds a comical surrealism that always hits the nail on the head. He has become a master of deconstructing traditional narratives in fantastic cinema. For his first horror film, he explores the disturbed mind of a character named Georges, played by the phenomenal Jean Dujardin, who hatches an evil plan with the help of his suede jacket. It is an exhilarating experience carried by a splendid cast.

Quentin Dupieux © Iorgis Matyassy
Jean Dujardin dans LE DAIM, Quentin Dupieux, FR, 2019

Jean Dujardin, the first French actor to receive an Oscar for best actor for his role in THE ARTIST, will rejoice the NIFFF with his presence. This major name in cinema, who came to work with prominent directors such as Bertrand Blier, Nicole Garcia, Michel Hazanavicius and Claude Lelouche, adds a brilliant performance to his career with Quentin Dupieux’s latest film.

DEERSKIN will set the tone of this 19th edition (complete programme on June 20th), which will gather up the most innovative voices of contemporary fantastic cinema.

Quentin Dupieux, FR, 2019
Fashion Victim Extravaganza

Cast: Jean Dujardin, Adèle Haenel, Albert Delpy
Distributor: Praesens-Film AG (CH)
Swiss premiere

Plot: You know the expression “I spared no expense”? Well, this expense will certainly cost Georges, who is spellbound by his suede jacket… Discover the new hit from the genius behind RUBBER and KEEP AN EYE OUT.