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The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) announces that its General Director, Anaïs Emery, will be leaving next fall, after the 2020 the digital special issue scheduled for 3-11 July 2020. As a co-founder of the festival, and its Artistic Director since 2006, Anaïs Emery has been with the NIFFF through all of the event’s key moments. She has become an important figure of the renewed interest in genre cinema and digital production in Switzerland. Her global approach has turned the NIFFF into a major national and international event for fantastic films. Anaïs will be leaving her mark with the team, the audience, and the festival. The latter will no doubt present an exciting challenge for whoever takes her place for the 20th edition. The festival’s committee is already working on what comes next and is accepting applications.

“The NIFFF represents an essential part of my personal and professional life. I am extremely grateful to my colleagues and to the NIFFF’s audience for the shared human and intellectual experiences. I am lucky to have been a part of such an original and dynamic institution. My thoughts are also with the filmmakers and industry professionals that have trusted me throughout the years. I wish to thank everyone of you and wish you the best!”, declared Anaïs Emery, General Director of the NIFFF.

Anaïs Emery et Jean-Louis Roy © Claire Zombas, NIFFF 2019

Anaïs became the festival’s General Director in 2006, and propelled audience attendance numbers to incredible heights (from 13,000 in 2006 to 48,000 in 2019). She also helped increase its budget, which is now 2.5 million francs. Her transversal approach to cinema positioned the NIFFF as an unmissable event for genre films, with many prestigious premieres and guests (Bong Joon-ho, John Carpenter, Zoe Bell, George R. R. Martin, David Cronenberg, Miike Takashi, Jean Dujardin, Eli Roth, Barbara Steele and many more) who have always been welcomed with simplicity and without a red carpet. The internationalisation of its programme has gone along with a strong local integration. This has made Neuchâtel an important landmark on the festival map, notably thanks to its Open Air, set up in 2018 on the Place des Halles. Under her guidance, the NIFFF also revealed itself as a unique centre of expertise in Switzerland, a forum for discussion about the future of audiovisual creations, as shown by the NIFFF Extended symposiums and the NIFFF On Tour @CERN: Future Storyworlds workshop.

It is with great emotion that the NIFFF team wishes to thank their charismatic director for her faultless commitment, her passionate persistence, and her inclusiveness.

“With her vision and her passion, Anaïs Emery proved that genre cinema holds a remarkable potential. Imagination and innovation are now ingrained in Neuchâtel’s DNA. We pay tribute to her peerless achievements and go looking for a worthy successor who will continue to expand the festival’s reach in Switzerland and everywhere else”, said Nathalie Randin, President of the NIFFF Committee.

Anaïs Emery will be joining the Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF) in 2021 as its General and Artistic Director. Applications for the position of Director for the NIFFF can now be sent in.
Download the detailed job offer / For more information, please contact:

Tomita Mikiko, Miike Takashi & Anaïs Emery © Claire Zombas, NIFFF 2019
JESUS SHOWS YOU THE WAY... (Miguel Llansó) © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF 2019

NIFFF 2020: Key moments

From May 15th, 2020: FANTASTIQUE 20 20 20 is an invitation to immerse yourself in 20 years of fantastic films to ponder on the genre’s evolution through a selection of films that were previously screened at the festival. The programme will take place from May 15th on RTS and will continue this fall in partner cinemas and institutions across Switzerland. This retrospective will be fully unveiled on May 14th.

3-11 July 2020: Online, interactive special event that will combine a streaming selection of never seen before films with the launch of NIFFF TV, a free daily show that will feature discussions and avenues of reflection related to the current state of fantastic films. This unique project will be fully unveiled on June 18th.