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The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) reveals the first films that will be streamed as part of its online event (3 – 11 July 2020). They are part of the foundation upon which the NIFFF SPECIAL DIGITAL ISSUE was designed, as a result of the health crisis that forced us to postpone the festival’s 20th edition to 2021. This pay-per-view programme will be accessible via the Swiss streaming platform Cinefile from July 3rd to July 11th. In addition, a NIFFF TV show will take place daily at 9 pm, and will offer a series of interviews. This unique initiative will allow for extended discussions about fantastic films thanks to the participation of high-profile guests. The RTS Audience Award will be the sole prize awarded this year. Viewers will be able to vote thanks to the festival’s new mobile app. The full programme will be unveiled on June 18th, during an online press conference.


To make this special event a reality, the NIFFF has partnered with Swiss streaming platform Cinefile, a reference of the VOD sector. This portal offers a very comprehensive database on current releases, as well as a streaming platform for films of all eras. Through this partnership, the NIFFF organisers aim at promoting solidarity and longevity with the audiovisual industry in Switzerland.


The 2020 NIFFF selection consists of 20 features that best represent the global state of fantastic films, and which have never been shown in Switzerland. Designed to maintain the diversity of cinematic offerings in these uncertain times for the industry, this programme includes 17 new films and 3 movies that are part of our traveling Fantastique 20 20 20 retrospective. All films will be shown in their original version, with French and German subtitles. Only people connecting from Switzerland will be able to stream them. Although it is impossible to organise a traditional, physical edition this year, the NIFFF feels it is important to offer its audience an overview of the cinematic dreams and nightmares of the present day.

Emre Akay (TR, 2020)
World Sales: Wtfilms 
World Premiere

Patriarchal Bloody Nightmare
Turkey, present day. An unfaithful young woman is hunted down by the police and abandoned by her loved ones. Her death would make up for the bruised ego of the men in her family. Time to run!

Joachim Hedén (NO/SE/BE, 2020)
Distributor: Koch Films
International premiere 

Icy Underwater Survival
It’s winter in Norway, and two sisters find themselves trapped by rocks in the ocean depths. As their oxygen levels keep going down, they must race against time for their survival.

Márk Bodzsár (HU, 2019)
World Sales: National Film Inst. Hungary
Swiss premiere

Biting Communist Comedy
A former spy fails to find success as a manga artist. One drunken night, he creates a comic about his top-secret adventures. It’s a hit, but his newfound popularity won’t come without its fair share of trouble.

Olivier Babinet (FR/BE, 2019)
World Sales: Indie Sales
International premiere

Sweet Apocalypse
As ocean wildlife nears extinction, a timid biologist dreams of becoming a father. In his quest he will make two extraordinary discoveries: love and a fish.

Joko Anwar (ID, 2019)
World Sales: Premiere Entertainement Group
Swiss premiere

Epic Superhero Tale
In this adaptation of the most popular Indonesian superhero, a young man sets out to fight injustice, as well as a villain at the head of an army of orphan assassins. Buckle up!

Choi Won-sub (KR, 2020)
World Sales: Lotte Entertainment
European premiere

Cartoonesque Action-Comedy
A former spy fails to find success as a manga artist. One drunken night, he creates a comic about his top-secret adventures. It’s a hit, but his newfound popularity won’t come without its fair share of trouble.

Zoé Wittock (FR/BE/LU, 2020)
World Sales: Wtfilms
Swiss premiere

Rollercoaster Romance
A shy young woman who works at an amusement park goes through a life-changing event when she falls in love with a state-of-the-art ride. A dizzying spin into a new world of pleasures.

Matthew Rankin (CA, 2019)
World Sales: Best Friend Forever
Swiss premiere

Hilarious Political Extravaganza
Despite his Oedipus complex and his obsession for second-hand shoes, Mackenzie King will stop at nothing to become the Canadian Prime Minister. A visual feast that will have you rolling on the floor.


18 June: Program online on
3 – 11 July: Online special event

5 June, 00:15: GREEN ROOM (Jeremy Saulnier, US, 2015) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
12 June, 00:10: KASANE – BEAUTY & FATE (Yûichi Satô, JP, 2018) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
19 June, 00:10: SWISS ARMY MAN (Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert, US, 2016) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
26 June, 00:45: WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement, NZ/US, 2014) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)