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As the start of our special event (3 – 11 July) nears, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) is proud to announce the launch of its mobile app. The organisers have chosen to go full-digital this year, and the audience will therefore be able to experience the festival’s core values remotely: innovation, imagination, and interactivity. This mobile app – developed by VNV SA – is the tool that will make this virtual edition possible, and allow people to interact with the festival, stay informed in real time, take part in exclusive competitions offered in collaboration with our partners, and vote for the RTS Audience Award.

The NIFFF app is available on the Appstore and on Google Play a few days before the festival’s opening. Stay tuned!

This new tool developed by the festival has a unique interface. Users can access the special event’s programme and learn all there is to know about these films, never shown before in Switzerland. With the app, you can stream the daily NIFFF TV show and keep up with the festival in real time. As an essential part of the dialogue between us and our audience members, the app offers a playful way to stay connected through the whole duration of the festival. It will also allow festival-goers to vote for the legendary RTS Audience Award.

A new concept has emerged through this tool: The NIFFF Contests. Every day, unique, timed competitions will take place. The app will reveal the rules of the game in each case. The best players will win prizes provided by the festival’s partners. The challenges will become increasingly exciting and difficult, and the prizes more and more spectacular. For example:

  • one weekend for 2 people at Hôtel Beaulac for the NIFFF’s 20th edition and two festival passes offered by the BCN
  • a Hamilton watch
  • a vehicle rental offered by Mobilité Gaz to go on an adventure
  • … and more!
This innovation, made possible by our partners, was birthed by the NIFFF’s desire to nurture its relationship with festival-goers. Generous and open-minded, our partners will stand right there with us, at the virtual crossroads between audience members, directors, and TV contributors. This year’s health crisis revealed how vulnerable our industry could be, and the support from a rich ecosystem of partners from all over the world appears more critical than ever. The ties that bind us are now stronger, and we could not be more excited for this special event. By supporting the NIFFF, these companies support not just a film festival, but also the Swiss film industry, its professionals, and the next generation of filmmakers. We wish to thank them wholeheartedly.


18 June: Program online on
3 – 11 July: Online special event

12 June, 00:10: KASANE – BEAUTY & FATE (Yûichi Satô, JP, 2018) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
19 June, 00:10: SWISS ARMY MAN (Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert, US, 2016) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
26 June, 00:45: WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS (Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement, NZ/US, 2014) – Le Film de Minuit (RTS 1)
24 September: NIFFF special evening – Cinéma CityClub (Pully)
14 November: Midnight Movies – L’ABC (La Chaux-de-Fonds)