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The Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) unveils details about its daily live NIFFF TV show. Every day at 9 p.m. from July 3rd to July 11th, the festival invites all its audience members to watch an original TV programme developed and produced by the NIFFF, with artists in attendance! Get ready for interviews with major directors, the latest industry news, and futuristic debates about utopia and dystopia. NIFFF TV will be there for the whole duration of this year’s special digital issue, and it’s all about fantastic films.

Plateau NIFFF TV © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE

The show will be hosted by actress/director/writer Audrey Cavelius, word magician and producer of radio shows. For nine days, she will receive a team of exceptional speakers who will discuss the selected films or offer comical breaks and news flashes: Benoît Forgeard (Director, FR) and Natacha Seweryn (Programmer, FR) with GRANDS ANONYMES DU CINEMA, Philippe Congiusti (Journalist, Couleur 3, CH) and his NiFFFiFiLMS, Manlio Gomarasca (Journalist, Nocturno, IT), Boris Bruckler (Centre de BD de Lausanne, Comics historian, Haute Ecole de Genève, CH), Nicolas Dufour (Journalist, Le Temps, CH), Marina Richter (Member of the selection committee, NIFFF, AT), Loïc Valceschini (Programmer NIFFF, CH) and many more.

NIFFF TV is the festival’s way of immersing the audience in this year’s experience. You can watch it at home on NIFFF.CH or anywhere with the NIFFF app, now available to download on the App Store and Google Play.


For the first time ever, the NIFFF will give out an honorary career award. The first H. R. Giger Narcisse of Honour will be awarded to Paul Schrader, American writer and director emblematic of New Hollywood.

Close collaborator of Martin Scorsese for whom he wrote some of his most famous films (RAGING BULL, TAXI DRIVER) or Sydney Pollack (YAKUZA), Paul Schrader is also a major contemporary filmmaker. He has made iconic movies such as AMERICAN GIGOLO (1980), AFFLICTION (1997) or, more recently, THE CANYONS (2013) written by Bret Easton Ellis.

Paul Schrader will be on NIFFF TV on July 11th for an interview.


Every day, our speakers will be joined by creators of the films from the programme, as well as special guests calling in remotely or visiting our studio.

The complete schedule of each show will be made available the day before on our website and on the NIFFF app. Stay tuned!

3. July: Opening show with Thomas Facchinetti (Neuchâtel Town Council President), Laurent Kurth (Neuchâtel State Councillor), Nathalie Randin (NIFFF President), Isabelle Moret (National Council President – Remote intervention), as well as an interview with Martin Vetterli (President EPFL)

4. July: Interview with Luca Guadagnino, director (SUSPIRIA, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)

5. July: Interview with Eli Roth, director (HOSTEL, CABIN FEVER)

6. July: Interview with Prof. Christian Iseli and Prof. Michael Schaerer, Department Film | Film Editing, ZHdK; Interview with Todd Brown, producer and journalist, CA

7. July: Chris Oosterom, Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF); Jordi Ostir, director, BE; Martine Chalverat, Operations and Admin Director, Visions du Réel, CH and member of the Conférence Suisse des festivals de films

8. July: The team behind BÂTARDS, a web series coproduced by the NIFFF, the RTS and Box Productions with Malou Briand, director & writer, FR; Raphael Meyer, director & writer, CH; Vincent Veillon, actor, CH; Sasha Gravat Harsch, actress, CH

9. July: Interview with Alex de la Iglesia, director, ES and Carolina Bang, actress & producer, ES (EL BAR, BALADA TRISTE DE TROMPETA)

10. July: A never-seen-before edit commented by Nicolas Winding Refn, director, DK (DRIVE, ONLY GOD FORGIVES)

11. July: RTS Audience Award and HR Giger Narcisse hors-série to Paul Schrader, writer/director (US) followed by an interview; Intervention from the Fossoyeur de films (François Theurel, FR)


The directors, producers and actors of this year’s films will give some exclusive interviews.

Complete guests list


World class guests will speak every day to ponder on the importance of imagination and the genre of fantastic films in a time of pandemic. Big names in literature – Jean-Marc Ligny (ALLIANCES), ZEP (TITEUF), Pierre Bordage (LES GUERRIERS DU SILENCE), Antoinette Rychner (APRÈS LE MONDE) – will debate with figures from Swiss institutions and research groups – Martin Vetterli (EPFL), Ludovic Maggioni (Neuchâtel Natural History Museum), Yannick Rumpala (Researcher) – as well as VFX experts.

All these speakers will draw up a fascinating picture of how technology adapts to our post-lockdown reality, and think about how the climate crisis will evolve and what all of this means for audiovisual productions.


As a truly pluridisciplinary event, the NIFFF will offer digital experimentations as well as festive DJ sets. The music programme will include live DJ sets, demanding podcasts, and an immersive project – LEAU from KnoR and ENCOR Studio – presented from the Zurich KOSMOS studio. The audience will be able to discover the installation remotely by connecting with a VR set for mobile phone.

On Saturday, July 11th, KnoR will present a complete version of their concept album LEAU on #NIFFFTV.


The NIFFF app is a new tool developed by the festival. It offers an original interface to discover the programme of our special event online. It is ideal for streaming the daily NIFFF TV show and follow the festival’s news in real time. The app will also allow audience members to vote for the film they want to give the RTS Audience Award to.

To follow the festival’s news, stream the NIFFF TV show and not miss anything during the NIFFF SPECIAL EVENT, download the NIFFF app!