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Tonight, after 9 days of intense audiovisual creation, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) is bringing its special digital issue to an end. This ambitious challenge designed by the festival’s team while still in semi-lockdown and developed in 2 months only will come to a close at 9 p.m. with the awarding of the RTS Audience Award to Adam Rehmeier’s anarcho-punk comedy DINNER IN AMERICA (acquisition of distribution rights by the RTS). You can still vote in the NIFFF App to take part in the draw (prizes: a Hamilton watch and a festival pass), but your vote will no longer count towards the film. Paul Schrader, legendary writer and director of New Hollywood whose influence is still omnipresent in the industry today, will receive an honorary H.R. Giger Narcisse Award.

Natacha Seweryn, Programmer, Benoït Forgeard, Director & Audrey Cavelius, Show Host (NIFFF) © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE

To date, the VOD platform set up by the festival in collaboration with Cinefile exceeded 4,000 purchased films, homogeneously spread amongst the selected features. The exclusive programme appealed to festival regulars and genre cinema fans who have mostly chosen to go for multi-film passes (85 % of all purchases). The digital format and the faithfulness of our audience members during the event have given birth to new reflections and perspectives for the future of the NIFFF.

The NIFFF TV show has welcomed 77 guests (23 in person) for a total of 9 hours of broadcasting, edited from 31 hours of footage, entailing 450 hours of subtitling, 3.5 km of cables and 33 monitors. This bold proposition gathered a large audience ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 daily views for a total of 15,000 views. The festival team is proud of the editorial quality of the show, delivered in an innovative and relaxed atmosphere, true to the NIFFF’s spirit.

This event has become an enriching experience for the festival, which has managed to maintain its importance in the international audiovisual industry despite the current crisis. It constitutes an experimental and innovative launch for the festival’s 20th edition.


  • 4,000 film purchases on the streaming platform Cinefile
  • 9 shows of 60 minutes edited from 31 hours of footage
  • Between 1,500 and 2,000 daily views for the NIFFF TV show
  • 77 guests from 18 countries, including 23 in person in the studio
  • 51 paid collaborators (75 in normal years)
  • 3.5 km of cables and 33 monitors 450 hours of subtitling
  • 750 downloads of the mobile app
Staff © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE


The films selected in 2020 have been purchased over 4,000 times, 85 % of which as part of a multifilm pass. Designed to foster the relationship with the public and to continue proposing a rich cultural offer in uncertain times, this programme was embraced by the audience members, who have once again confirmed their commitment to the festival. The experience has also shown that attendees have a particular fondness for the actual physical event and its setting in the ancient city of Neuchâtel.


The NIFFF TV project has attracted a strong audience with an average of 1,500 to 2,000 daily views. This project was made possible thanks to the dedication of a team with little experience in producing television content. Through sheer diligence and will power, the staff made this complex, collaborative and ambitious endeavour a reality. The high-quality editorial content was given rythm thanks to actress Audrey Cavelius’ eloquence, placed at the heart of this audiovisual apparatus. Of note is the participation of major figures in the industry as well as renowned contemporary writers. They include, among others, Luca Guadagnino, Nicolas Winding Refn, Eli Roth, Carolina Bang, Alex de la Iglesia, Antoinette Rychner, Pierre Bordage, ZEP, and many more. This show, perfectly in line with the spirit of the NIFFF, will become an enriching part of the festival’s history. The replays are available on!

Audrey Cavelius, Show Host, NIFFF TV © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE


The festival’s new digital reality, which includes a VOD platform, a mobile app, and a daily TV show, forced the team to adapt to daily obstacles. The mobile app, at the heart of the digital ecosystem, was downloaded 750 times in 10 days and festival goers have been keeping the spirit alive through daily challenges. All through the week, this innovative ecosystem required constant tweaking and involved a continuous learning process for the team in terms of new technologies and unexplored domains.

Staff © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE


This special NIFFF edition will be the last one for General and Artistic Director Anaïs Emery, who will be leaving on October 31st. The role of artistic director will be filled ad interim by Loïc Valceschini, who has been part of the programming team for the past 8 years. A new director will start in 2021. Until then, Loïc Valceschini will be in charge of the 20th edition’s artistic content, the groundwork of which is already partly in place.

Anaïs Emery, Director, NIFFF © Miguel Bueno, NIFFF HORS-SÉRIE

“I am honoured that the Committee has trusted me to spearhead the programming of our anniversary edition. I look forward to taking up the challenge of organising this symbolically significant edition and to cultivating the essence of the NIFFF together.”

Loïc Valceschini, NIFFF Artistic Director ad interim

“After eight years of fruitful collaboration, I am pleased to pass the baton to Loïc Valceschini. He breathes and lives the NIFFF, and I have no doubt he will propose an inspired and magnificent programme for next year. I can’t wait for the 20th edition!”

Anaïs Emery, Outgoing NIFFF General Director


NIFFF ON TOUR@CERN: 27 – 29.11.20
WORLD PREMIERE OF BÂTARDS (Malou Briand and Raphaël Meyer, 2020): 6.12.20
NIFFF 20TH EDITION: 2 – 10.07.21