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A Dark Song

A Dark Song

Liam Gavin

Ireland, United Kingdom, 100', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Mark Huberman, Steve Oram, Catherine Walker

The film

In an isolated area of Wales, a
tormented young woman moves into an old house. With the help of an occultist,
she wishes to perform a complex ritual with the objective of summoning her
guardian angel and free herself from her inner demons. To do so, they isolate
themselves completely and painstakingly follow the many steps involved in the
rite. Their endurance will be sorely tested…

As an original film, A Dark Song casts aside the tired tropes
of witchcraft (rotting spinning heads and dislocated skeletons) in favour of a
more modern take. This slow burner relies heavily on the psychological realism
of the characters and avoids the use of cheap jumpscares. By leveraging the themes of isolation, paranoia and guilt,
Liam Gavin delivers a nerve-wracking thriller, which traumatic conclusion will
scar you for life.

The director

Irish director Liam Gavin studied
graphic design and illustration at London Central Saint Martins, before working
in films and advertisement as a storyboarder. He went on to write and direct
four short films, shown and awarded at many festivals worldwide. A Dark Song, his first feature film, was
inspired by famous British occultist Aleister Crowley, who is said to have
performed the same ritual in his Loch Ness home at the beginning of the 20th

Selected filmography
2009 – Jericho (short)
2009 – Sunshower (short)
2003 – Shooting Blanks (short)
2002 – Day of Reckoning (short)

World sales: Kaleidoscope Film Distribution (UK)