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Marianna Palka

United States, 93', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Marianna Palka, Jason Ritter, Jaime King

The film

not easy being a housewife with four little devils and a husband that’s hardly
ever there. When Jill can no longer bear to be a slave to her family, she
decides the time has come to hang herself. As she dangles above the dinner
table, her spirit somehow lives on. Reincarnated in a new canine body, she will
ensure those who pushed her over the edge now live a dog’s life.

Bitch, Marianna Palka creates the
provocative and surreal tale of a woman crushed by familial obligations. A
great heir to the best absurdist artists, the director and main actor tackles
the nightmare of family life with deep sensibility and a singular sense of pace.
And with Jason Ritter (who reminds us of a certain Jim Carrey) portraying his
character touchingly, Bitch impresses
as the most daring film of the NIFFF 2017.

The director

who attended the NIFFF in 2015 may remember Marianna Palka from her role in Contracted: Phase II. Born in Glasgow in
1981, she moved to New York at the age of 17 to study theatre. Alongside her
acting career, she started directing in 2008 with the movie Good Dick. Thanks to this Sundance hit,
she became a leading figure of female independent filmmaking. Bitch, her fourth feature, confirms she
likes demonstrating her talent with provocatively-titled films.

Selected filmography


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Good Dick

World sales: MPI Media Group (US)