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Gaspar Noé

Feverish Disco Vortex

France, 95', vo ENG/FRA, sub ENG, 16 Year

Cast: Romain Guillermic, Smile Kiddy, Sofia Boutella

The film
In 1996, a troupe of young dancers gather in an isolated community centre to celebrate the end of rehearsals before their American tour. A small buffet has been set up for the occasion. Behind the stage shines a huge glitter curtain that looks like the French flag. It is a time of partying, dancing, and insouciance. But when the heads start spinning, tempers flare. The sangria isn’t going down as well as anticipated…

Driven by the desire to film France’s best dancers, Gaspar Noe and his loyal DP Benoît Débie demonstrate once again the scale of their talent. Free from all limitations, the camera spins, rises, nosedives, and rotates masterfully. The astounding, nihilistic and Pasolinian approach turns the film into a danse macabre performed on an insane soundtrack. A mesmerizing, furious ballet that will blow your mind.

The director
Born in 1963 in Buenos Aires, Gaspar Noé arrives in France at the age of 12. After studying films and philosophy, he starts off as an assistant director. He is the cofounder of production studio Les Cinémas de la Zone. He is quickly nicknamed the enfant terrible of French cinema, creating movies with unequalled visual and technical skills. He wins the Narcisse award for best picture at the NIFFF 2010 for Enter the Void. Climax marks his return to the International Competition.