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Dave Made A Maze

Dave Made A Maze

Bill Watterson

United States, 80', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Nick Thune, Adam Busch, Meera Rohit Kumbhani
Contact: John Charles Meyer

The film

When she comes home, Annie finds out that her
boyfriend Dave has filled the living room with a construction made of cardboard
and papier-mâché. Though not surprised – Dave has always been an artist – she
is annoyed and asks him to come out so they can talk. Except Dave cannot find
his way out of his own maze. When she realises he is not joking, Annie gathers
a group of friends to go look for Dave. But his labyrinth hides deadly traps,
killer origami, and even a minotaur…

Have you ever dreamt of seeing Michel Gondry direct
a slasher-style remake of Labyrinth? Rejoice! Bill Watterson has done
it! The American filmmaker turns his directorial debut into a truly innovative
and fantastic story that explores various genres and visual techniques. His
unrestrained creativity allows him to overcome budgetary limitations and
deliver the best of what original, independent cinema has to offer.

The director

Although Bill Watterson has only directed one
feature film, the Cleveland native can already claim numerous achievements. After
finishing his studies at the prestigious Brown University, he moved to Los
Angeles, where he took classes at various institutions. While directing his
first web series, he also built a solid acting career in movies (Ouija, Jersey Boys), television (Brooklyn
Nine Nine
, The Soul Man) and
video games (LA Noire, Lost Planet 3).

Festival contact: John Charles Meyer (US)