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Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Ultimate FIFA World Cup Alternative

Portugal, France, Brazil, 92', vo POR, sub FRA/ENG, 14 Year

Cast: Carloto Cotta, Carla Maciel, Filipe Vargas

The film
Slicked back hair, Apollo’s body, diamond earrings… Diamantino is the greatest soccer star. Guided by visions of giant poodles, he goes right through every defence on Earth. But one day, his gift simply vanishes during the World Cup’s final game. Thus starts a perilous existential journey for Ronaldo’s spiritual twin.

Diamantino is a pop maelstrom that blends all genres and aesthetic trends. The directing duo sets their sight on – and sets aflame! – everything they can: crime film, science-fiction, romance, political tale, neo fascism, migrant crisis, transhumanism, and giant dogs live alongside each other in scope as well as in 16 mm. Imagine if Kenneth Anger had engineered a mix between a classic Hollywood comedy and Zoolander. Needless to say, the end result is legendary, but also simultaneously naive and tender. No actual soccer game will ever be as exciting!

The directors
Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt – dark-haired Portuguese and blond American, respectively – were born in the USA in 1984. Gabriel studied the fine arts in a New York public school, while Daniel went to the city’s Tish School of Arts. They met in 2006 and started collaborating on short and medium-length films that get noticed. Diamantino, their first feature, was shown at Cannes’ International Critics’ Week.