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Mathieu Turi

France, 82', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Javier Botet, Grégory Fitoussi, Brittany Ashworth

The film

worse than a car accident? A car accident in a devastated world infested with
bloodthirsty creatures that come out at night! Hard to imagine things could get
any worse for Juliette, a brave young woman who went looking for food. Stuck in
her broken car, Juliette goes down memory lane and reminisces about the love
story that defined her, trying to find the strength to survive.

punctuating his supernatural thriller with romantic flashbacks, Mathieu Turi combines
two worlds that would have seemed incompatible. The very gifted director slowly
transforms his claustrophobic survival into a metaphorical representation of the
protagonist’s life. The surrounding desert, the armoured body of the car and
the menacing creature all work as symbolic challenges. This masterfully
directed tale of survival focused on a woman trying to find herself is not
completely dissimilar to films like Alien
and Gravity.

The director

in 1987 in Cannes, Mathieu Turi studied directing at ESRA. The young French
artist went on to collaborate with some of the greatest American filmmakers (Quentin
Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen) as an assistant director, and worked on
many blockbusters. His post-apocalyptic short film Sons of Chaos (2010) was his first directing work. Hostile, produced by Xavier Gens, is the
first feature of this very promising filmmaker. 

Selected filmography 

2013 – Broken (short)

2010 – Sons of Chaos (short)

Distributor: Splendid Film (DE)