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Kasane – Beauty and Fate

Kasane – Beauty and Fate

Satô Yûichi

Shakespearean Dark Tale

Japan, 100', vo JPN, sub FRA/ENG, 14 Year

Cast: Yokoyama Yu, Tsuchiya Tao, Yoshine Kyôko

The film
Kasane dreams of a life on stage, but a huge face scar prevents her from showing off her natural talent. Everything changes when she inherits a magical lipstick from her mother, which allows her to take on the appearance of the people she kisses. It’s obviously too good an opportunity to pass up, so she makes a strange deal with the beautiful Nina, an aspiring actress. But how far is Kasane prepared to go to keep Nina’s face?

This adaptation of the successful Kasane manga combines Japanese folklore with Western dramaturgy to explore the Shakespearean torments of the characters, played by two wonderful young actresses. Their ambivalent, poisonous relationship will reach unimaginable intensity as the truth will force them to drop the act. Let this remind you why black magic always comes with suffering…

The director
55-year-old Satô Yûichi was born in Tokyo. His manga adaptations have made him a household name in Japan. In 2015, he directed Poison Berry In My Brain, a delightful romantic comedy about a 30-something confused by the many voices she hears. A prolific and versatile filmmaker, he has worked for the film and television industries. This is his take on mangaka Matsuura Daruma’s thought-provoking series.