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Le Manoir

Le Manoir

Tony T. Datis

France, 96', vo FRA, sub ENG, 16 Year

Cast: Yvick « Mister V » Letexier, Nathalie « Natoo » Odzierejko, Marc « Kemar » Jarousseau

The film

A group of friends go to an ancient manor to party
like crazy for New Year’s Eve. Though the house is completely isolated and less
welcoming than anticipated, nothing will stand in the way of a good time. As
the party rages on with unlimited booze and fresh pot brownies, disquieting
events occur, not least among them the beheading of their dog and the
disappearance of one of them. The situation quickly escalates and old enmities
are unearthed.

Get ready to laugh out loud, for the best of the
YouTubers – Kemar, Natoo, Ludovik, Mister V – have joined forces to create a
horror comedy that harkens back to the cheerful Scary Movies, offering something well above the
average French comedy. Bawdy jokes and hilarious Easter eggs abound between two
murders, with each comedian’s personal touch enhancing the film’s uniqueness.
Heir both to Halloween and Scooby-Doo, Le Manoir is a
breath of fresh air in the French film industry. Think hard before you plan
your next NYE party…

The director

Tony T. Datis cut his teeth in the music video
industry, working with Skrillex, Maître Gims, Soprano and even Katy Perry. Wishing
to pay homage to the films he grew up with, Le
is the perfect opportunity for him to start making features. He
previously directed a noteworthy short film (Zéro), and is now on course to build a rich filmmaking career (he’s
already working on several projects).

Selected Filmography

2014 – Zéro (short)

World sales: Gaumont (FR)