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Tilman Singer

Hypnotic Possession Tale

Germany, 70', vo SPA/DEU, sub ENG/FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Jan Bluthardt, Johannes Benecke, Lilli Lorenz

The film
At a bar, Nora intoxicates and charms a police psychiatrist. An easy prey, he soon becomes the new vessel for the demon in Nora’s body, who is getting closer to the object of his desire. In the meantime, Luz, a young taxi driver who has been hurt and is disoriented, goes to a police station before launching into strange prayers. The aforementioned psychiatrist is called in. Under the police’s supervision, he hypnotizes her in order to get her statement. A spiritual journey ensues…

Past, present, fantasies, and realities intertwine in this mesmerizing film where sounds and repetitions create an accented atmosphere and call on the audience to use their senses intensely. The beautiful score adds to this unique experience. The film was shot entirely at night on 16 mm. With its fresh take on possession, this poetic and harrowing thriller reinvents his sensory stimuli on a constant basis. A special, enthralling kind of film.

The director
Born in 1988, young German artist Tilman Singer went to the Cologne Academy of Media Arts in 2011, where he studied directing, writing, sound design, and animation. He directed several short films (some in stop motion animation), as well as music videos and commercials. Selected at the Berlinale, Luz is his debut feature, which he produced with the same collaborators he had on his previous projects, including his creative partner Dario Méndez Acosta.