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Panos Cosmatos

Death Metal Revenge Splatter

United States, Belgium, 121', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Nicolas Cage, Linus Roache, Andrea Riseborough

The film
Red and Mandy live happily, away from civilisation in a cabin in the mountain woods. One day, a cult invades their land and their life changes for the worst. Jeremiah Sand, leader of the fanatics, has Mandy kidnapped, and ultimately killed. Left for dead, Red eventually awakes to the realisation that he has lost everything, including his sense of reality. Revenge is the only thing that remains. Enraged and armed to the teeth, he sets out on a bloody killing spree, determined to slay every last one of the cult members.

An unrecognisable Andrea Riseborough and a possessed Nicolas Cage make Mandy an out-of-this-world experience. The main actor’s surreal performance and the outrageously gore aspects of the film strengthen the psychedelic atmosphere and blur the limits of reality. An orgasmic, visceral revenge tale that borders on the supernatural and offers enthralling visuals.

The director
Son of George P. Cosmatos (Rambo II), Panos Cosmatos started out as a camera assistant on his father’s second-to-last film Tombstone (1993). He put on the director’s hat in 2010 for Beyond the Black Rainbow, a strange sci-fi thriller that boasts a fascinating cinematography and doesn’t go unnoticed. Mandy, his second feature, allows the Italian-Canadian director to deliver another visually stunning film that seems to be burning with angst from beginning to end.