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Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Mon Mon Mon Monsters

Giddens Ko

Taiwan, 105', vo CMN, sub ENG/FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Kent Tsai, Deng Yu-kai, Eugenie Liu

The film

Lin, a nice but
tormented teenager, must endure the humiliations Ren-hao and his pals regularly
put him through. Wrongly accused of stealing money, he is forced to do some
community service alongside his bullies. As the other ones progressively accept
him as one of their own, Lin partakes in their misdeeds to seek their approval.
During a night out, the group runs into a pair of cannibalistic monsters and
captures one of them. They start a sadistic game which consequences could be

As a gory and
nihilistic black comedy, Mon Mon Mon
explores the torments of adolescence in a radical way. The script
is filled with reprehensible characters who are irresistibly drawn to violence.
Imbued with a terrifying political subtext, the film is structured around
aesthetically powerful and memorable scenes that paint a picture of
spitefulness. A cinematic shock that will leave you gobsmacked.

The director

Giddens Ko, an
extremely popular and prolific writer form Taiwan, started publishing his work
online under the pen name Jiubadao (meaning “nine knives”). A great number of
his 60+ published works has been adapted to the screen. In 2011, he directed
his first feature You Are the Apple of My
, a bittersweet rom-com adapted from one of his own books. With Mon Mon Mon Monsters, Ko tackles
adolescence once again in a much darker way.

Selected filmography

2011 – You Are the Apple of My Eye

2009 – L-O-V-E (segment)

World sales: Star Ritz International Entertainment (TW)