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Pig (Khook)

Pig (Khook)

Mani Haghighi

Surreal Slasher Comedy

Iran, 105', vo FAS, sub DEU/FRA/ENG, 16 Year

Cast: Leili Rashidi, Hasan Majuni, Leila Hatami

The film
Hasan Kasmai is an Iranian director with an oversized ego whose career has recently taken a downturn. As an artist blacklisted by the authorities, he must settle for insecticide commercials. If the nosedive in popularity wasn’t enough, his favourite actress leaves to work for his rival. Worse still is the fact that the serial killer targeting Tehran’s most famous directors seems to completely ignore him. When he becomes a suspect, the public once again takes interest in him, just not the way he was hoping for.

Somewhere between a black comedy and a whimsical thriller, Pig looks critically at today’s Iranian regime. Brushing aside the stereotypes often associated with it, he asks questions about male/female interactions, freedom of speech, and the national culture in the digital age. At a time when narcissism and the thirst for fame reign supreme, social networks are apparently just as bad as the political and religious institutions in terms of blind punishment and absurd censorship.

The director
Born in 1969, Mani Haghighi has been energising Iranian cinema for many years. In 2006, he proves his skills for dark comedies with Men at Work. His 2016 effort, A Dragon Arrives!, creates a buzz and is selected at the Berlinale. Just like Pig, this fantastical crime film could be seen as a cutting critique of contemporary Iran. Though he never states the obvious or indulges in stereotypes, Mani Haghighi uses humour to put his country’s issues into perspective.