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China, 105', vo CMN, sub ENG/FRA, 14 Year

Cast: Yang Mi, King Shih-chieh, Liu Chang, Wallace Huo

The film

In the near future, parallel universes have been
proven to exist. Xia Tian and her team have been working for years on a
technology that would allow travel through the space-time continuum. Up until
now, their experiments have never involved living tissue and the technology’s
capacity has remained limited to 110 minutes. But when her kid is abducted by
terrorists, Xia Tian must act as quickly as possible and test her prototype on

This Jackie Chan-supervised, impressive production
delves into the exciting field of time travel to deliver an astonishing,
innovative blockbuster. As efficient as ever, director Chang designed an
increasingly thrilling film, evolving with its ever-changing sci fi concept. As
for the actors, they had to go through an extensive training to prepare for the
many action scenes that punctuate the movie.

The director

After working on more than 200 music videos for Korean
bands and artists, Chang (actual name: Yoon Hong-seung) invested the horror
genre in 2008 with Death Bell. In
2014, he directed the NIFFF-selected thriller The Target, remake of French film Point Blank (À bout portant) from
Fred Cavayé. Reset, his third movie, makes Chang one of the few
directors to tackle time travel, and proves he is one of the most reliably
competent Korean filmmakers.

Selected filmography

2016 – Canola

2014 – The Target

2008 – Death Bell

World sales: Golden Network Asia Limited (HK)