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Super Dark Times

Super Dark Times

Kevin Phillips

United States, 100', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Charlie Tahan, Elizabeth Cappuccino, Owen Campbell

The film

The 1990s, an American suburb. Zach and Josh are two perfectly normal
teenagers. The two friends have a lot in common, including their attraction to
the beautiful Allison. Everything changes when they go to a park with some
friends and decide to play with a katana. At first just a small accident, the
situation soon turns into a disaster that sucks the teens into a downward
spiral of guilt, violence and paranoia.

Half Donnie Darko, half Stand By Me, Super Dark Times is much more than an exercise in nostalgia. It is
a visceral exploration of teenage angst. With a brilliant direction, as well as
a bright and crisp cinematography by Eli Born, the film is full of sinister
images that could have been created by Lars von Trier. Going beyond the initiation
story, Kevin Phillips’ feature is an accurate and sweet portrayal of the
anxiety associated with this youth living through a horror version of the late
20th century. A real gem!


Kevin Phillips is the son of a chocolate-maker from New Jersey. He
graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2006. He quickly made
a name for himself as a director of photography working in the music video (Grimes,
The Lumineers) and advertisement (Levi’s, Jimmy Choo) industries. In 2015, he
was selected in Cannes’ International Critics’ Week with his short film Too Cool for School, which focused on
the waking nightmare of a sex-obsessed teenager. Super Dark Times is the first feature from this 35 year old
American, who is on track to become a big name of independent filmmaking.

Selected filmography

2014 – Too Cool for School (short)

World sales: Ways & Means (US)