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The Dark

The Dark

Justin P. Lange

Zombie Flick Of The New Kind

Austria, 91', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Nadia Alexander, Toby Nichols, Karl Markovics

The film
A man on the run brings the boy he kidnapped to a supposedly haunted forest. Although he thought he would find a safe haven there, it turns out there does seem to be a monster in the woods. The boy is rescued by a mysterious young girl he eventually befriends. But his eyes have been sewn together by his abductor, and he cannot see what his new companion looks like: a livid, scarred, scrawny face, glazed eyes, and a mouth full of blood. She’s the monster in the woods.

Focusing on children that have not been spared by the horrors of life (to say the least), The Dark follows in the footsteps of Let the Right One In. The ghost story meets the zombie film in this sweet ramble in the forest. Visually pleasing and musically entrancing, The Dark has a bewitching atmosphere, terrifying and realistic themes, as well as troubling and tragic characters. Where can one find humanity in the heart of such a dark and distressing world?

The directors
A graduate of Columbia University, Justin P. Lange started his career with short films: Something Left (2008), Vater Paul (2010), and The Dark in 2013. This is his debut directorial feature. Klemens Hufnagl studied at the Vienna Film Academy before making a name for himself as a director of photography, notably on Macondo (2014) and Brothers of the Night (2016). They collaborated on Vater Paul and The Dark, the feature-length version of which they directed together.