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The Little Hours

The Little Hours

Jeff Baena

Canada, United States, 90', vo ENG, sub FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Aubrey Plaza, Dave Franco, Alison Brie

The film

fleeing his master’s wrath after he was surprised fooling around with his wife,
finds shelter at a monastery supervised by Father Tommasso, who agrees to hire
his services. The energetic young man shows no objection to the chores given to
him and quickly becomes part of the religious group. Problem is, Massetto’s
quite the charmer, and his presence soon sows the seeds of doubt in the minds
of three nuns who are discovering their sexuality.

Written in the
14th century by Giovanni Boccaccio, the Decameron short stories
collection is adapted in an unconventional way. As heirs to both Monty Python and
Mel Brooks, the nuns in The Little Hours
swear like troopers while the monks discuss what the exact definition of sodomy
should be. Unabashedly coarse, the film takes perverse pleasure in corrupting
its religious setting with any and all sexual deviances. And the actors
obviously enjoyed themselves as much as the audience.

The director

Starting off as
a production assistant for Robert Zemeckis, Jeff Baena went on to work as an
assistant editor with David O. Russel, with whom he eventually wrote I Heart Huckabees (2004). He moved on to
directing in 2014 with the horror romance Life
After Beth
, before making the comedy-drama Joshy (2016). The Little
, his third feature, is an opportunity to put his Medieval and
Renaissance studies to good use.

Selected filmography

2016 – Joshy

2014 – Life After Beth

World sales: Gunpowder & Sky Film Distribution (US)