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Tigers Are Not Afraid

Tigers Are Not Afraid

Issa López

Kids Kicking The World’s Ass

Mexico, 83', vo SPA, sub FRA/ENG, 16 Year

Cast: Rodrigo Cortés, Hanssel Casillas, Paola Lara
Contact: Peligrosa (MX)

The film
10-year-old orphan Estrella is fascinated with fairy tales and dreams of being a princess. One night, she makes a wish to be reunited with her recently deceased mother. It does come true, except she comes back as a rather unsettling ghost. Estrella runs away and takes shelter with a gang of street kids. As her new friends grow fond of her, she accommodates to the hardships of their life. As young as they are, they must make their stand against the local cartel.

Tigers Are Not Afraid is a beautifully grim coming-of-age movie that offers an uncompromising descent into the war between Mexican cartels. Like Pan’s Labyrinth, the story seamlessly combines direct naturalism and nightmarish oneirism. This Mexican revelation inevitably won over Guillermo del Toro, a die-hard fan of the film alongside Stephen King, who has announced he will produce its talented director’s next project.

The director
Mexican filmmaker Issa López started off as a television writer, notably for the Laberintos de pasión telenovela. She then transitioned to the big screen and wrote the Disney romantic comedy Ladies Night, which became one of Mexico’s most successful films ever. In 2006, she directed her first feature Efectos Secundarios. After the 2008 film Casi Divas, Tigers Are Not Afraid is her third movie.