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Under the Silver Lake

Under the Silver Lake

David Robert Mitchell

Surrealistic Neo-Noir

United States, 139', vo ENG, sub DEU/FRA, 16 Year

Cast: Riley Keough, Sydney Sweeney, Andrew Garfield

The film
Unemployed and in his thirties, Sam is just another citizen of Los Angeles, dreaming of the day he becomes famous. He is about to finally make it to home base with his stunning and mysterious neighbour when she vanishes, leaving strange symbols behind her. Sam’s obsessive quest through the City of Angels begins, soon leading him to discover its surrealistic arcana full of murders and conspiracies. What if our world were governed by a secret elite that communicates through codes and subliminal messages?

He already reinvented the slasher genre, now David Robert Mitchell is shaking all of Hollywood to its core. Sam, a spaced-out version of Philip Marlowe, leads an investigation that turns the film into a pop, sibylline crime thriller that feels like walking through a referential maze on acid. A burlesque, violent hare and hounds game that ends up being the missing link between Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, and Richard Kelly. Fascinating!

The director
David Robert Mitchell comes from Michigan. After getting his film degree at the Florida State University, he goes to Los Angeles and works as an editor before making Virgin, his first short film. In 2010, he masterfully probes the American youth with his first feature, The Myth of the American Sleepover. Four years later, he makes a splash with the horror phenomenon It Follows, which won two awards at the NIFFF 2014. Today, he is back with a haunting exploration set in the world of Hollywood cinephilia.