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From July 3rd to July 11th, the NIFFF will offer an exciting music programme composed of live DJ sets, thematic podcasts, and immersive transmedia experiences.
Broadcasted daily in NIFFF TV (from 9 p.m)

Live at the weekends: Set de Table from Psycho Weazel, a dub-centred but eclectic selection from OR7, a showdown between the musical visions of Sunday Morning Ballet Class and Bowmore, a presentation of immersive project LEAU from Georg Bleikolm, and the synth travels of Ritaline, musical alter ego of Supermafia.

During the week: podcasts in the form of mixtapes with 80s Swiss electronic music compilations: Intenta, offbeat selections from Fischer, futuristic choices from Schnautzi, as well as Vietnamese music from Park:ING and Ostin Fam, and Teruu’s Japanese selection.


Set de Table

Psycho Weazel (Argent Sale | CH) – DJ set

Psycho Weazel was born when two boys instantly fell in love with each other’s musical sensibilities. Through hard work and tenacity, they made a name for themselves from their lakeside studio in Neuchâtel with the support of worldwide labels. Their live events and DJ sets are an intoxicating musical experience, broadcast in the best venues from the region and elsewhere.

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Particles in Motion

OR7 (Décalé, Feng Shit | CH) – DJ set

Matthias Orsett aka OR7 splits his time between Swiss mountains and Swiss studio basements. Whether it be in LYL with Feng Shit, in DIA with Aqua Poney Drift Club, or as his own band Décalé, Matthias creates borderless sets, although he is a bit obsessed with dub sounds.



We Grew Up Here – Mixtape

park:ING (Savage, The Observatory | VN) x Ostin Fam (Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective | VN)

Park Lee (Giang Bac) is Korean Vietnamese and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City. He is the brain behind the queer evenings of GenderFunk, and a regular at underground clubs Savage (Hanoi) and The Observatory (Ho Chi Minh City). He is known for creating soundscapes that reflect his emotions.

Ostin Fam (Phạm Quốc Dũng) is an indie filmmaker from Hanoi and a member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective. The concept of cultural fluidity – the way we reconcile our identities between countries with different customs – is at the centre of his work.

We Grew Up Here is the result of their experiences, influences, and the way they see the world.



INTENTA – Mixtape

Experimental & Electronic Music from Switzerland 1981-93

Intenta is a compilation focused on experimental electronic music from Switzerland made between 1981 and 1993. It contains 17 tracks produced by artists all over the country, from Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel, Berne, Basel, St. Gallen, Zurich, and Aarau. Discover two hours of music mixed by its creators!


Soundz of the Future– Mixtape

Schnautzi (Argent Sale | FR)

Schnautzi – CEO of the Argent Sale label and host of La Sélection on Nova Lyon – has a nasty habit of piling up disks in his overheated shack. He is known for his boldly eclectic DJ sets. The programme is a feline selection of electronic music, synth coupé-décalé, sweating dancehall, and urban savanna groove.



Will AI Save the Planet, Spirituality & Justice? – Mixtape

Fischer (Décalé, Feng Shit | FR)

Head of the Décalé label, Fischer fits right in with the weird and offbeat. His passion for experimental music means he uses a wide variety of styles that are glued together through a consistent framework: his love for flowers and the unusual.

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Healing from Japan – Mixtape

Teruu (Mogra Radio | JPN)

Teruu fell in love with dance music in the 2000s. His dynamic disco sets include house, afro and obscure oddities. Programmer for the Zipang festival (Vietnam & Japan) and the WAM (Ho Chi Minh City), he recently launched Mogra Radio, an online channel that promotes Asian DJs and producers.




Sunday Morning Ballet Class (Creaked Records | CH) x Bowmore (Couleur 3 | CH) – DJ set

At night, Geneva-based artist Bowmore dons her DJ suit to blast meticulously selected sets composed of unearthed new beat tracks and newfound masterpieces.

Neuchâtel artist Sunday Morning Ballet Class has been refining an accessible selection for years, from dark disco and electronica to new wave. This is your chance to try out your most insane dance moves.

Both artists are hellbent on surprising you during this live event. This is going to be something special.



KnoR (RAVE U R | CH) et Encor Studio (CH) – Live
Ritaline (Supermafia | CH) – DJ set

Georg Bleikolm aka KnoR presents, in collaboration with Encor Studio, the first episode of his new transmedia cycle LEAU, a musical and immersive sci-fi fable that stimulates unique reflections related to the transition from anthropocentrism to the Anthropocene.

This preview will take place between Neuchâtel and Zurich. On July 9th and 10th, KnoR will be in-residence with the Neuchâtel-based Encor Studio in Zurich (at the KOSMOS). On Saturday, July 11th, KnoR will present a complete version of his concept album LEAU on NIFFF TV.

Ritaline, the musical alter-ego of visual artists collective Supermafia, will bring the festival to a close with an indie dance, nu disco, and Italian synth pop compilation.