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Breve historia del planeta verde

Santiago Loza

Tender Road Movie

Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Spain, 2019, 75'

es sub en, 14a

10.7, Studio, 15:00

13.7, Studio, 17:45

The movie

Accompanied by her childhood friends, Tania returns to her hometown following her grandma’s death. She discovers the woman was keeping a strange secret...

Tania is a transsexual that lives in the nocturnal world of Buenos Aires. When she learns of her grandma’s passing, she goes back to her hometown with her childhood friends Pedro and Daniela. Although they fear the judgement of the locals, the group stumbles upon an unexpected secret... Defining its characters with an uncanny intelligence, the film breaks down barriers and tackles the issue of alienation with unusual sensitivity.

World Sales :

The Open Reel

writers :

Santiago Loza

cast :

Romina Escobar, Paula Grinszpan, Luis Sodá, Elvira Onetto, Anabella Bacigalupo, Léo Kildare Louback, Pablo Cura

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Eduardo Crespo
  • Editor : Iair Michel Attias, Lorena Moriconi
  • Music : Diego Vainer