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Daniel Isn't Real

Adam Egypt Mortimer

Bloody Friendship

United States, 2019, 99'

en sub fr, 16a

8.7, Arcades, 17:00

11.7, Passage 1, 22:15

The movie

When his imaginary friend from childhood resurfaces, a high schooler going through a rough patch seizes the opportunity to get back on track. But the two don’t exactly have the same goals in mind...

When he was 8, Luke used to have an imaginary friend named Daniel, who helped him get through his parent’s divorce. But one day, Daniel seemed to develop a will of his own, so the boy decided to lock him away in the depths of his subconscious. Ten years later, as Luke is starting university, he is affected by new psychological problems which provoke the return of Daniel, who will force him to face his darkest impulses.

Lead by an astonishing Patrick Schwarzenegger (son of the legendary Arnold), Adam Egypt Mortimer’s second feature film is a haunting and haunted rollercoaster. By following the mental state of the protagonist, Daniel Isn’t Real evolves from psychological thriller to supernatural horror and aims for a grandiose and nightmarish climax. Are you ready to experience true insanity?


It only took Adam Egypt Mortimer a couple of films to prove his command of the horror genre. After the supernatural slasher Some Kind of Hate (NIFFF 2015) and the segment “New Year’s Eve” in horror anthology film Holidays (2016), he confirms it with Daniel Isn’t Real, his second feature. It is an adaptation of novel In This Way I Was Saved from Brian DeLeeuw, who co-wrote the script alongside Mortimer. In addition, the filmmaker has also dabbled in comic books by writing Ballistic (2015).

World Sales :

Voltage Pictures

cast :

Andrew Ayala, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Katie Chang

Crew :
  • Music : Clark
  • Cinematographer : Lyle Vincent
  • Editor : Brett W. Bachman