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Das Höllentor von Zürich

Cyrill Oberholzer

Furious Swissploitation

Switzerland, 2018, 93'

en/gsw sub fr/en, 16a

10.7, Studio, 17:15

The movie

As she is getting ready for Eurovision, the artist Lara Stoll gets her finger stuck in the bathtub. No matter what she tries, it won’t move. Is this a good time to start panicking?

A young artist hooked on drugs and junk food decides to partake in the Eurovision to stimulate her creativity. Unfortunately, she gets her finger stuck in her bathtub. It’s only the beginning of a terrible ordeal… As a new iteration of trash cinema, Das Höllentor von Zürich compels just as much through its dynamism and narrative ingenuity as it does through its repulsive images. It’s a claustrophobic acid trip where Kafka meets Vivaldi remixed as an 8-bit video game. Not for the faint of heart.

World Sales :

tellfilm GmbH

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Cyrill Oberholzer
  • Editor : Cyrill Oberholzer