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Der Unschuldige

Simon Jaquemet

Spiritual Thriller

Switzerland, Germany, 2018, 114'

gsw sub fr, 14a

6.7, Rex, 19:30

The movie

Ruth is a simple mother whose life is turned upside down when the religious and patriarchal system she lives by is called into question by unfathomable events. A touching tale of self-discovery.

Ruth is a deeply religious mother and laboratory technician whose life is shattered when her first fiancé, a man sentenced for murder 20 years prior and who had supposedly died in prison, resurfaces… For his second feature, Simon Jaquemet invites us on a hallucinatory exploration of the human mind. With its quasi mystic atmosphere, Der Unschuldige questions our beliefs and crushes our convictions.

Local Distributor :

Ascot Elite

writers :

Simon Jaquemet

cast :

Judith Hofmann, Naomi Scheiber, Christian Kaiser, Thomas Schüpbach, Anna Tenta, Laura Sophie Winter