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Exterminadores do Além Contra a Loira do Banheiro

Fabrício Bittar

Lame Ghostbusters Bloody Massacre

Brazil, 2018, 103'

pt sub en, 16a

5.7, Passage 1, 0:45

11.7, Arcades, 0:30

The movie

A band of losers eke out a living by conning people with their monster hunting company. One day, they’re hired by a school to get rid of a tenacious ghost. Careful, there will be blood!

A school’s bathroom is haunted by the ghost of a little girl. To get rid of it, management enlists the help of 4 YouTubers specialised in the paranormal. These so-called ghostbusters will have to solve the most challenging case of their career. Calling all fans of gory and silly supernatural films! On top of delivering a flabbergasting amount of blood, this insanity of a film proves that stupidity can be just as powerful as the forces of evil.

World Sales :

Raven Banner Entertainment

cast :

Danilo Gentili, Léo Lins, Murilo Couto

Crew :
  • Music : David Menezes
  • Cinematographer : Marcos Ribas
  • Editor : Nicholas Fettback, Bruno Nunes