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Extra Ordinary

Enda Loughman, Mike Ahern

Paranormal Stupidities

Ireland, Belgium, 2019, 94'

en sub fr, 14a

6.7, Arcades, 17:00

13.7, Arcades, 15:15

The movie

In this hilarious film, a driving instructor reconnects with her supernatural powers and her tortured past to prevent a failed Rockstar from making a deal with the devil.

Rose, a charming and compassionate driving instructor, refuses to use her supernatural powers that allow her to speak with the dead. She makes an exception for Martin, an equally charming man who recently lost his wife and asks her to save his daughter. The teenage girl is the target of a satanic ritual ordered by a fallen rock star who has made a deal with the devil to regain their fame. To succeed, Rose will need to overcome the fear of her own powers…

Fallen stars, possessed trash cans and vengeful evil forces – could Extra Ordinarybe the craziest film in the International Competition? Madly in love with the world they created, the directors seem to be having a great time with their characters and their story, which all allow for tons of hilarious gags and situations. With its compelling performances and a formidable sense of pace, Extra Ordinaryshould have no trouble becoming your new cult movie.


Mostly known as their collective name D.A.D.D.Y., Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman have been working together for over 10 years. After projects in animation and graphic design, they started making short films like Mr. Foley (2009) and The Hatch (2011), TV commercials, and music videos for bands such as Bloc Party, Jape and Super Furry Animals. In 2008, they are granted the “Best New Directors” award at the UK Music Video Awards. Extra Ordinary is their first feature film.

World Sales :

Epic Pictures Group

cast :

Will Forte, Maeve Higgins, Claudia O'Doherty, Barry Ward, Risteárd Cooper, Jamie Beamish, Terri Chandler

Crew :
  • Music : George Brennan
  • Cinematographer : James Mather
  • Editor : Gavin Buckley