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Pedro C. Alonso

On Air Claustrophobic Thriller

Spain, United States, 2019, 97'

en sub fr, 16a

7.7, Studio, 14:00

10.7, Passage 1, 22:15

The movie

A famous radio host’s show takes an unexpected turn when the station is seized by masked men. The star must make sure the show will go on… Edge-of-your-seat stuff.

Jarvis Dolan is the host of a major London radio show which has recently started haemorrhaging listeners. To try and bring numbers up, his boss assigns him a co-host. Jarvis isn’t exactly thrilled by the idea, but things are going to get worse. As he is about to go live, two masked men take the people in the studio hostage and start wreaking havoc. A hard-hitting thriller that packs one hell of a punch.

World Sales :

Blue Fox Entertainment

cast :

Eddie Marsan, Paul Anderson, Anthony Head, Alana Boden, Nacho Aldeguer, Ivana Baquero, Richard Brake, Oliver Coopersmith, Alexis Rodney

Crew :
  • Music : Sergio Moure
  • Cinematographer : Ángel Iguácel
  • Editor : Mario Martínez Duque