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First Love

Miike Takashi

Epic Yakuza Brawl

Japan, United Kingdom, 2019, 108'

ja sub fr/en, 16a

6.7, Passage 1, 19:30

10.7, Passage 1, 19:30

The movie

A boxer would have never thought that saving a damsel in distress would make him a target for the Yakuza, the Chinese mafia, and the police. Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster from master Miike.

Leo, a young boxer who was recently diagnosed with a serious illness, crosses paths with Monica, a call girl on the run from a stalker. When Leo knocks the creep out, he ignites their love story, as well as an all-out war between the Yakuza, the Chinese triads and the Tokyo police force! The great, unstoppable Miike Takashi mixes romance and splatterfest in this orgasmic piece of filmmaking.

Local Distributor :

EuroVideo Medien GmbH

writers :

Nakamura Masa

cast :

Kubota Masataka, Sometani Shota, Omori Nao

Crew :
  • Music : Endo Koji
  • Cinematographer : Nobuyasu Kita
  • Editor : Kamiya Akira