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Fly by Night

Zahir Omar

Intense Neo-Noir

Malaysia, 2018, 100'

zh/ms/en sub en/fr, 14a

5.7, Studio, 19:45

9.7, Studio, 17:00

The movie

In the hot nights of Kuala Lumpur, Tailo and his gang con taxi clients. One mistake will make them enemies of both the triads and the police. A one-way ticket to hell. 

Four taxi drivers con wealthy clients they take to the Kuala Lumpur airport every day. Quiet and efficient, their business goes unnoticed by the police. That is, until one of them bites off more than he can chew... Influenced by Hong Kong crime thrillers, Zahir Omar’s debut feature is a sleek, gripping story that doesn’t shy away from the emotional torture the characters and the audience will have to endure.

World Sales :

Good Move Media

cast :

Bront Palarae, Jack Tan, Fabian Loo, Sunny Pang, Eric Chen, Frederick Lee, Ruby Yap

Crew :
  • Music : Zane
  • Cinematographer : Low Keong
  • Editor : Heng Yin-chau