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Fly Me to the Saitama

Takeushi Hideki

Neighbourhood Feud of Epic Proportion

Japan, 2019, 107'

ja sub en/fr, 12a

5.7, Studio, 22:15

10.7, Passage 1, 17:00

The movie

This baroque, surrealist comedy adapted from the manga tackles the rivalry between Tokyo and its neighbouring suburbs. A delirious critique of the retreat into restricted ideas of identity.

It’s not easy being born in Saitama, a seamy province of ill repute. In the midst of a gang war that pitches it against glorious Tokyo, the encounter between two students could change everything… Steampunk-inspired sets and baroque costumes are a staple of this insane adaptation of Maya Mineo’s manga by the director of cult movie Thermae Romae. An exuberant story sprinkled with epic battle scenes!

World Sales :

Pony Canyon Inc

cast :

Nikaido Fum, Gackt , Iseya Yusuke

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Tanikawa Sohei
  • Editor : Kawamura Shinji
  • Music : Face 2 Fake