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Get the Hell Out

Wang I-fan

Apocalyptic Zombie Comedy

Taiwan, 2020, 95'

twn sub en/fr, 16a

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*Geoblocked in Switzerland

The movie

In collaboration with Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris and the Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan). 

The Taiwanese parliament becomes the scene of a massacre when a virus turns elected officials into hungry zombies. Politics has never been so deadly!

* Ko Yi-sen, producer, online, 03.07

German subtitles available for online screenings.

You Wei Wang is a security guard at the Taiwanese parliament. Everyone sees him as a complete loser, with no talent or ambition. One day, a strange virus starts spreading and the members of government turn into hungry mutant zombies. Immune to it, the young man tries to escape with the help of the impetuous Ying-Ying Hsiun. Get The Hell Out is director Wang I-fan’s first feature film – a zany and political horror comedy riddled with pop culture references. An acerbic critique of political posturing, the film is new evidence of the fertile combination between zombie flick and political satire.

producers :

Han-hsien Tseng

cast :

Bruce Hung, Megan Lai, Herman du Plessis