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His Master's Voice

György Pálfi

Mysterious Sci-Fi Thriller

Hungary, Canada, 2018, 108'

en/hu sub en/fr, 14a

9.7, Passage 1, 16:45

12.7, Arcades, 14:00

The movie

Peter’s dad vanished without a trace after a top-secret mission for the US government. The quest for his father will end up being a lot more than that...

In the 1970s, Peter’s dad left Hungary for a trip to the United States and has shown no sign of life ever since. Today, 30-year-old Peter still lives in Hungary, where he works as a journalist. While watching a documentary about a mysterious incident, he thinks he recognises the father he has never known. He takes off for the USA, unable to live with the uncertainty. In his quest, he will cross path with the American government and discover that alien life might actually exist...

With His Master’s Voice, iconoclast György Pálfi adapts Stanislaw Lem’s novel of the same name. The Polish author’s work has also inspired Andreï Tarkovski (Solaris, 1972) and Ari Folman (The Congress, 2013). As usual, the Hungarian filmmaker mixed media and images: unbounded, Pálfi created a hybrid and ground-breaking film that cannot be defined by a single tone or genre. Prepare to rethink the boundaries between fantasy and reality.


While his first film Hukkle was noticed in 2002, György Pálfi created controversy in 2006 with Taxidermia, an acerbic anthology film that screened in Cannes. Six years later, he directed Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen, a surprising love story made out of more than 500 movie clips. In 2014, Free Fall came as a confirmation of the filmmaker’s taste for eclecticism and experimentation. His Mater’s Voice, an ambitious international coproduction, is his sixth feature film.

Festival Contact :

Hungarian National Film Fund / HNFF World Sales

cast :

Csaba Polgár, Eric Peterson, Diána Kiss

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Gergely Pohárnok
  • Editor : Réka Lemhényi
  • Music : Ábris Gryllus