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Knives and Skin

Jennifer Reeder

Fluorescent Teen Noir

United States, 2019, 111'

en sub fr, 14a

9.7, Arcades, 16:45

13.7, Arcades, 12:30

The movie

In a small US country town, the disappearance of a teenager impacts its inhabitants in a variety of ways. A dream-like, spellbinding and feminist film.

Big River, a small Midwest town. Young Carolyn Harper spends the night with her boyfriend on the outskirts of an isolated lake. They have an argument, and the woman leaves her companion. The next day, no one knows where she’s gone. The investigation that ensues will unearth the dark secrets of Carolyn’s loved ones. Things unsaid are told, and relationships are tested. Slowly, the small town is taken over by fear and suspicion...

A hybrid between Twin Peaks and HeathersKnives and Skin explores the dark side of rural America. Basked in an unsettling and hypnotic atmosphere composed of neon lighting and synth music, the story portrays the decay of a community that must contend with the disappearance of one of its members. As childhood’s end nears for every teen, their parents must redeem themselves for their past sins. An aesthetically powerful, musically mind-blowing coming-of-age movie.


After becoming known in the 90s for her videos produced under the pseudonym “White Trash Girl”, Jennifer Reeder has since moved on to the study of themes related to the teenage years, the transition to adulthood and the construction of one’s identity. In 2014, her short film A Million Miles Away was nominated for the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Three years later, her first feature Signature Move was shown first at Austin’s SXSW, then at about a hundred festivals where it garnered numerous awards.

World Sales :


writers :

Jennifer Reeder

cast :

Kate Arrington, Tim Hopper, Marilyn Dodds-Frank, Grace Smith, Ireon Roach

Crew :
  • Music : Nick Zinner
  • Cinematographer : Christopher Rejano
  • Editor : Mike Olenick