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Midnight in a Perfect World

Dodo Dayao

Hellish Nightmare

Philippines, 2020, 91'

tl sub en/fr, 16a

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*Geoblocked in Switzerland

The movie

Manila, in the near future. Strange power outages keep occurring after midnight. Trapped together after one of them, four friends are about to find out what lurks in the dark. Masterfully terrifying.

* Dodo Dayao, director, online, 03.07

In the near future, Manila has almost become a utopia. Only one problem: the capital city is plagued with strange and random power outages that occur after midnight. Whoever finds themselves in an affected area disappears mysteriously. One night, four friends experience one such outage, and must fend off what turns out to be much more than an urban legend. Using horror to ask questions about today’s Filipino society, Midnight in a Perfect World is a feverish dive in the heart of darkness, a nightmarish journey though dizzying aesthetics.

Festival Contact :

Epicmedia Productions

cast :

Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Glaiza de Castro, Anthony Falcon

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Albert Banzon , Gym Lumbera
  • Editor : Lawrence S. Ang
  • Music : Erwin Romulo, Malek Lopez, Juan Miguel Sobrepeña
  • Sound : Corinne de San Jose