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Morto Não Fala

Dennison Ramalho

Macabre Drama

Brazil, 2018, 110'

pt sub en, 16a

7.7, Studio, 17:15

10.7, Studio, 22:15

The movie

When an embalmer starts using his gift for speaking with the dead with bad intentions, he sets off a tragic series of events. Bone-chilling.

Stênio works at a morgue where corpses never stop coming. Not bothered in the slightest, he actually likes giving a warm welcome to the dead thanks to his ability to talk with them. One night, Stênio decides to use his gift for malicious intent. To say the idea will backfire would be an understatement... After directing a series of acclaimed short films, Dennison Ramalho delivers an astounding feature debut that uses terrifying horror to portray the violence of real life.

World Sales :

Stray Dogs

cast :

Daniel De Oliveira, Fabiula Nascimento, Bianca Comparato, Marco Ricca, Annalara Prates

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : André Faccioli
  • Editor : Jair Peres
  • Music : Paulo Beto