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My Missing Valentine

Chen Yu-hsun

Supernatural Rom-Com

Taiwan, 2020, 119'

zh sub en/fr, 14a

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The movie

A young woman who cannot wait to finally go on a date for Valentine’s Day wakes up and realises February 14th has come and gone… This original romantic comedy is a breath of fresh air.

* Chen Yu-hsun, director, online, 06.07

German subtitles available for online screenings.

Hsiao-chi is almost 30 and still single. As she is leaving the post office she works at on the eve of Valentine’s Day, she accidentally bumps into a young man who invites her to go to the cinema the next day. But when Hsiao-chi wakes up, it’s February 15th! She has no memory of the last 24 hours. With five wins at the Golden Horse Awards (including the one for best film), this romantic comedy is filled with quirky and endearing characters. Sprinkled with touches of fantasy and dream-like sequences, the film is an ode to lost loves and the passing of time.

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writers :

Chen Yu-hsun

cast :

Liu Kuan-Ting, Patty Lee, Duncan Chou

Crew :
  • Editor : Hsiu-Hsiung Lai
  • Cinematographer : Yi-Hsien Chou