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C.J. Obasi

Zombie Invasion

Nigeria, 2014, 95'

yo sub en, 16a

8.7, Rex, 19:45

The movie

Romero and his loved ones learn that their home is in bad shape, as their drinking water has been contaminated and turns people into beastly animals. Thus begins their fight for survival.

Producer :

Fiery Film Company

writers :

C.J. Obasi

cast :

Gabriel Afolayan, Omowunmi Dada, Kelechi Udegbe, Meg Otanwa, Chidozie Nzeribe, Brutus Richard, Jumoke Ayadi, Paul Utomi, Tommy Oyewole, Yvonne Enakhena, Kelechi Joseph, Emeka Okoye

Crew :
  • Music : Beatoven , Wache Pollen