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Rise of the Machine Girls

Kobayashi Yuki

Sushi Typhoon Extravaganza

Japan, 2019, 75'

ja sub en, 16a

6.7, Rex, 22:15

13.7, Passage 1, 10:30

The movie

Get ready for blood and guts with this tale of two gunslinging sisters who wage war on organ trafficking. Your eyes have never witnessed such an insane amount of gore and unthinkable weapons!

Yoshie and Ami are two orphan sisters who put on acrobatic shows to earn a living. When Yoshie is kidnapped by the evil Dharma family – who runs organ trafficking – Ami goes to her rescue. A particularly bloody crusade ensues. Like cyborgs? Love insane weapon mashups? Rise of the Machine Girls is your film of the year. Japanese lunacy in all its splendour!

World Sales :

Nikkatsu Corporation

cast :

Sakaguchi Tak, Tsukimiya Himena, Hanakage Kanon, Yasuda Yû