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Romulus & Remus: The First King

Matteo Rovere

Peplum-Meets-Heroic Fantasy

Italy, Belgium, 2018, 127'

la sub en/fr, 16a

8.7, Passage 1, 16:30

12.7, Passage 1, 14:00

The movie

Everything you ever wanted to know about the foundation of Rome, with a strong sense of mysticism to boot. An unmissable feast for the eyes with a unique atmosphere.

753 B.C. Romulus and Remus are captured and forced into slavery. But the brothers value their freedom as much as their lives. To elude their captors, they set out on an epic adventure that will culminate in the founding of the greatest empire in history. The peplum, sword-and-sandal genre is back with a vengeance. An intense, visually stunning historical actioner.

World Sales :

Indie Sales

cast :

Alessandro Borghi, Alessio Lapice, Tania Garribba, Fabrizio Rongione

Crew :
  • Music : Andrea Farri
  • Cinematographer : Daniele Ciprì
  • Editor : Gianni Vezzosi