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Something Else

Christian Stella, Jeremy Gardner

Monstruous Love

United States, 2019, 83'

en sub fr, 16a

8.7, Arcades, 22:15

11.7, Arcades, 22:15

The movie

When his long-term girlfriend leaves without keeping in touch, Hank starts losing it. On top of that, an unknown and predatory creature attacks him every night. A deeply moving experience.

For ten years, Hank has been living the perfect love story with Abby. However, even though she wants to get married, Hank has yet to make his proposal. Tired of waiting, she simply takes off without warning one morning, leaving nothing but a brief note behind. Although dismayed, Hank has no idea how bad things can go just yet: the night after Abby’s departure, a frightening creature tries breaking into his home. The night after, the beast comes back. And the night after that, and so on. The creature comes closer and closer every time...

At the crossroads between drama and fantasy, Something Else is first and foremost about its characters and their relationship. The love story remains at the heart of the film, turning emotions into a drive and justifying the tale’s transition into horror. The threat, made tangible by suggesting the shear horror of what lies off-camera, takes on more and more monstrous proportions until the indescribable climax. After a successful premiere in Tribeca, this mix of genres will undoubtedly win the NIFFF audiences over!


Long-time friends Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella had their first success in 2012 with independent horror film The Battery. Gardner wrote, directed and starred in this fresh take on the zombie genre, while Stella was the cinematographer. Three years later, they co-directed survival comedy Tex Montana Will Survive!Something Else, written by and starring Gardner, is also directed by the both of them.

World Sales :

AMP International (Alliance Media Partners International Ltd)

writers :

Jeremy Gardner

cast :

Brea Grant, Justin Benson, Jeremy Gardner

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Christian Stella
  • Editor : Christian Stella, Jeremy Gardner