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Carlo Mirabella-Davis

Jaws vs. Patriarchy

United States, France, 2019, 95'

en sub fr, 14a

6.7, Arcades, 14:30

11.7, Passage 1, 19:45

The movie

Hunter went from humble beginnings to the wife of a rich and powerful man. But despite this seemingly perfect façade, no one – and nothing – can stop her from swallowing dangerous objects…

At first glance, Hunter has the perfect life: she is the housewife of the ideal man, and lives in a gorgeous home. However, soon after she learns she is expecting, Hunter starts suffering from strange behavioural disorders that push her to ingest things that shouldn’t be eaten. As her taste for more and more dangerous objects grows, her husband and his family try everything they can to stop her, anxious to protect the offspring...

Part psychological thriller, part social fable, Swallow draws its strength from its blend of influences. Propelled by a breathtaking performance from Haley Bennett and directed with a rare elegance, the film consistently avoids the pitfalls of sensationalism that often come with such themes. Instead, it paints a stunning vision of the power of patriarchy and tackles the way the female body is perceived, while examining the standards imposed by gender norms. What ordeals lie beneath the pretty façade of society?


After graduating from the New York Tisch Film School, Carlo Mirabella-Davis went on to make Knife Point in 2009, his first short film, shown at Sundance. Two years later, he co-directed The Swell Season, a musical documentary that premiered in Tribeca. Swallow, which he wrote and directed, is his first fiction feature film. Executive-produced by Joe Wright, the film will have its international premiere at the NIFFF, after its much-discussed world premiere in Tribeca last April.

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writers :

Carlo Mirabella-Davis

cast :

Haley Bennett, Austin Stowell, Denis O'Hare, Elizabeth Marvel, David Rasche, Luna Lauren Velez

Crew :
  • Music : Nathan Halpern
  • Cinematographer : Katelin Arizmendi
  • Editor : Joe Murphy