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The Fable

Kan Eguchi

Lethal Action Comedy

Japan, 2019, 123'

ja sub en/fr, 16a

7.7, Passage 1, 16:45

12.7, Passage 1, 19:30

The movie

Akira’s reputation as an assassin precedes him. When he burns out, his boss orders him to take a year off away from death. Easier said than done for a man like this...

One-man-army The Fable is an unstoppable contract killer. After he massacres a group of Yakuza in a Tokyo restaurant, his boss orders him to take a gap year in Osaka and makes him promise not to kill anyone. Not exactly an easy thing to do since the local mob decides to threaten the woman of his dreams. Adapted from the manga by Minami Katsuhisa, The Fable masterfully mixes action and comedy.

World Sales :

Shochiku Co., Ltd

writers :

Watanabe Yusuke

cast :

Okada Junichi, Kimura Fumino, Sato Koichi