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The Hole in the Ground

Lee Cronin

Introspective Horror

Ireland, Finland, 2019, 90'

en sub fr, 16a

7.7, Arcades, 22:15

13.7, Arcades, 17:45

The movie

Running from her past, a young mother moves to the countryside with her son. But the boy’s behaviour changes drastically after they discover a mysterious hole in the forest... Spine-tingling.

Sarah is a single mother who moves into a somewhat isolated house with her young son Christopher to start a new life. One day, the boy goes wandering in the woods, where Sarah finds a giant sinkhole. Soon after, Christopher starts exhibiting odd behaviour, which leads his mother to wonder if something happened to him, or worse, if he really is who he pretends to be. Thus begins a dreaded descent into the terrifying depths of nature.

There aren’t that many films that can establish such an oppressive atmosphere with so much efficiency. Through his sense for framing, for narrative intelligence and for capturing the ominous beauty of the Irish landscape, Lee Cronin only needs a few minutes to immerse the audience in a spellbinding atmosphere. The Hole in the Ground is driven by a moving, nuanced mother/son relationship, anchored in the unpredictable world of supernatural folk horrors.


Irish director and screenwriter Lee Cronin made a name for himself with his short film Ghost Train (NIFFF 2014), which won the Méliès d’Argent for best European fantastic short film. As a new voice in supernatural horror, Cronin delivers his first feature film with The Hole in the Ground, a movie that makes him one of the most important names among the new generation of Irish filmmakers. One thing is certain: European cinema will now have to contend with one more young master of horror.

Local Distributor :

Praesens-film Ag

cast :

Seána Kerslake, James Quinn Markey, Kati Outinen, James Cosmo, Simone Kirby, Steve Wall

Crew :
  • Music : Stephen McKeon
  • Cinematographer : Tom Comerford
  • Editor : Colin Campbell