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The Legend of the Stardust Brothers

Tezka Makoto

Out-Of-Control Musical

Japan, 1985, 100'

ja sub en, 14a

5.7, Open Air, 0:45

12.7, Studio, 14:15

The movie

After too long a time spent in obscurity, this completely zany musical is finding the fame it deserves. An irresistible and colourful take on Faust that will have you tap your foot.

Blast from the past! After bombing upon its release in 1985, The Legend of the Stardust Brothers is making a comeback! For his first film, Tezka Macoto centred his story on the rise and fall of two musicians. Inspired by a trove of visual influences (the director is none other than the son of legendary mangaka Tezuka Osamu), the feature is filled with baroque ingenuity, sort of a mix between Faust and Phantom of the Paradise. Not to be missed.

World Sales :

Third Window Films

writers :

Tezka Makoto

cast :

Takagi Kan, Issay , Togawa Kyoko, Ozaki Kiyohiko, Watanabe Kazuhiro, Omura Senkichi, Mitani Noboru, Yokohama Akio

Crew :
  • Cinematographer : Osawa Eiichi
  • Editor : Kishi Mari, Teduka Makoto
  • Music : Chicada Haruo