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The Magician on the Skywalk

Yang Ya-che

Nostalgic Phantasmagoria

Taiwan, 2021, 95'

sub en/fr, 14a

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The movie

In collaboration with Taiwan Cultural Center in Paris and the Ministry of Culture Republic of China (Taiwan). 

Taipei, 1985. In the heart of the Chunghua market, a boy is enthralled by the powers of a magician, the subject of local urban legends. A fascinating and ambitious adaptation of the eponymous novel.

German subtitles available for online screenings.

Taipei, summer 1985. A mysterious magician shows up at Zhongua Market, a gigantic business centre populated with numerous individuals whose back stories differ vastly. Among them are nine children who will cross paths with the newcomer, whose tricks could very well change their lives forever. This adaptation of the eponymous novel by Wu Ming-yi, The Magician on the Skywalk, includes ten stories which all explore imagination in their own way. Urban legends, optical illusions and prestidigitation intertwine to transform pedestrian everyday life into a fantastic world in which even the restrooms are magical and where people can shapeshift into zebras on a whim.

World Sales :

Public Television Service Foundation

producers :

Liu Wei-jan

cast :

Kaiser Chuang , Berant Zhu , Edison Song

Crew :
  • Music : Huang Kay
  • Cinematographer : Chen Ko-chin
  • Editor : Ian Lin